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I’ve worked with Andy on a few different projects where he’s taken the roles of both engineer and all-round musician, and all I can say is what a bloody good job he does. A lovely feller with a great attitude and an empirical knowledge of obscure keyboards and recording equipment. BOFF WHALLEY - Formerly of Chumbawamba, (UK)


"Thanks to Andy's deep involvement and relentless dedication - he went well beyond the call of duty to not only mix but also post-produce (and master) the entire album! The quality of the final album then made it possible for us to find a label and get our music out there, with numerous excellent reviews worldwide. And that was the beginning of a career spanning a decade and 3 studio albums, with more to come soon. We cannot thank Andy enough!!!FRED LESSING - Daymoon, (Portugal)


Andy from MBL did a brilliant job of mastering my EP he totally understood the aesthetic I'm going for,I was delighted with the results and would recommend to anyone looking to give their music that extra sonic polish and push it deserves'-Neil Mykowski (Neural Dance) UK


As a solo musician working on the debut Zopp album, I wanted to collaborate with an experienced artist to help with mixing, co-producing and mastering the record. Andy was the best candidate for the job! His technical and artistic expertise really elevated the music to another level; I was so pleased with the end result! He respected my vision throughout the process, but I also learnt a lot about producing and mixing by watching him work. In 2020, it was voted album of the year on and included in other ‘Top Progressive Albums of the Year’ polls. In short, he did a superb job! He’s such a nice bloke too, very funny and a joy to work with. Thank you Andy!! RYAN STEVENSON - ZOPP (UK)

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