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Examples/case studies
Some records which have relied on our services

The first example is a comprehensive MBL production. For this recording ( a CD in a digipack) MBL carried out the full operation in 2021. This included:

  • Composition of all the music

  • Performance of all the music

  • Recording and mixing the music

  • Mastering the album and authoring the CD

  • Creation of original Artwork. 

  • Layout and design

  • Making print ready layout for CD Body and Digipack

  • Selecting and working with manufacturer and organising delivery

Hear an extract:

ProteusKalman Filter
00:00 / 02:45
MON front.jpg

The second example is a job carried out for the progressive rock/jazz fusion band Zopp in 2019, this album was written and performed by the band themselves and all artistic decisions (including artwork) were theirs. MBL assisted as follows:

  • Mixing the music in close collaboration with the artist whos was present

  • Mastering the album and authoring the CD

  • Preparation of artist's own artwork.

  • Small number of musical parts requested and added to the album. 

Hear an extract:

Before The LightZopp
00:00 / 06:06

Our third example was created by MBL in 1987! We include this to demonstrate our long experience in these areas. Gold Frankincense and Disk Drive were one of hundreds of band who recorded at MBL's Lion Studios in Leeds. 

  • Composition and performance of all music

  • All recording (analogue tape with Digital enhancements)

  • Mixing to 1/4 inch tape, razor blade editing

  • Tape master preparation for Vinyl cut (1987)

  • Digitisation and Digital download edition (Bandcamp 2019)

  • Artwork design, layout and creation (Letraset/handwriting/Pritt/scissors)

Hear an extract:

00:00 / 05:58
The Media Is A VirusNeural Dance
00:00 / 02:24

Our next example was mastered by MBL in 2021. This was an example of a "finishing" job. All we did here was master the EP and author it for future CD release. All artwork, recording and mixing was done by the artist. We just took care of the niggly bit at the end!

  • Mastering/Eq

  • CD authoring/Bandcamp preparation

  • Metadata outhoring

Hear an extract:

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