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RELAX! - We have the cover covered!!

So often it happens - you have a great shot of the band for the front cover, a burnin' logo, all the lyrics in a word processor. And suddenly.. you need the full ready made artwork in 2 weeks time. On the correct template. In the right colour mode. At the right resolution. Using the correct amount of bleed area, with the appropriate fonts present, in multilayered PDF format and..... HANG ON!!! what the hell is all this????

We've been there. We know how to do this. We'll do it for you! We can get all your ideas together, song titles, running order, timings, copyright info, thanks to lists, lyrics, bar codes, spine text, catalogue numbers, CD tray, Digipack, Vinyl, Gatefolds, Inner bags.... A lot of people who press CDs can be a bit like Ryanair. looks cheap until you turn up with an outsized bag and suddenly it would have been cheaper to go on Emirates Business Class.  If they have to move your lyrics outside a danger zone... or convert into a different colour format, then you're on premium time.    

MBL has done final graphics layout for 50 and more CD' and vinyl albums. We know how to set your photos and artwork up so that it's ready to go... no arguments...

We do...
Pre-print check
cover layout
cover design
website design



No two graphics jobs for CDs and vinyl are the same. Each manufacturer has different sets of specifications and sometimes you have spent ages working on a cover only to find out that everything needs to be moved around to fit on whatever templates the manufacturer you've chosen needs.  At MBL, what we can tell you is that we can work with anything.


  • From you simply sending us  a folder full of ideas with no layout done at all - we can build you a fully fuctional album sleeve. 

  • With a roughly made layout done in Photoshop or Indesign etc, we can sort out the niggles and get what you have done up to spec. 

  • From nothing more than a band photo we can completely design an album sleeve for you in a huge variety of styles.

  • On top of that we can create a website that further explores your album artwork, like this one here... and need we say that we designed the one you are reading now?!


All of these examples are of MBL layouts. Those marked with a    are entirely our own designs 

trt website.jpg

One of our currently running websites - optimised for laptop or phone....

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